To Key to Improve DeFi Safety with AI

SafeAI is a Binance Smart Chain AI-powered project aiming to revolutionize the world of DeFi by providing real-time smart contract monitoring and auditing.

A Comprehensive Approach to DeFi Safety

Our all-in-one security and risk management solution is transforming the DeFi space. We provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety of your assets.

Whether you’re an experienced DeFi investor or just getting started, SafeAI has you covered with a variety of AI-powered features and tools to keep your investments safe. 

Contract Audit

AI-powered smart contract security evaluation.

Bounty Program

Community assisted bounty hunts for scammer tracking.

Deployer Tracking

AI-monitored deployer reputation and activity.

Staking Platform

Optimized crypto staking with monthly payouts

Contract Audit

SafeAI’s contract audit functionality enables smart contracts to be monitored in real time even after they have been deployed on the blockchain. This is in contrast to traditional audits, which are typically performed only by developers prior to deployment. SafeAI employs advanced AI technology to continuously monitor and evaluate the safety and security of smart contracts.

Deployer Tracking

The deployer tracking function monitors the deployer’s actions once a smart contract has been deployed. It notifies investors in real time if they engage in potentially malicious behavior, such as transferring funds to an unauthorized wallet. This enables investors to make informed decisions while also safeguarding their investments. This feature also provides a reputation score reflecting the deployer’s history and trustworthiness.

Bounty Program

The bounty program enables scam victims to reclaim control. Investors can post a bounty to find the wallet address and reclaim their stolen assets if a scammer has used mixers to hide the path of stolen funds. Users who find the address successfully will be rewarded for their efforts.

Staking Platform

By holding the SafeAI token, investors can earn passive income through the staking platform. The length of time an investor has staked their tokens determines the monthly payouts, with longer staking periods resulting in a larger share of the rewards pool. Staking with SafeAI provides safe and convenient way to earn income while also supporting the platform’s security and stability by holding.

Access Anywhere: Dapp or Mobile Device Application

Our aim is to lower the entry to a secure DeFi, and therefore make it easy for users to access the platform, whether it is through the dapp or on the application coming shortly on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

By downloading the app, users can keep track of all their favorite coins with ease. This allows you to stay informed on any change the deployer would make on the contract or any malicious transfer.

Join Our Community and Become a Part of the Future!

SafeAI Token & Tokenomics

The SafeAI token is at the heart of the SafeAI ecosystem, therefore investors must understand its tokenomics.

The token is intended to drive platform growth and adoption, with a focus on long-term value for holders and sustainable economics. The token serves as a form of payment within the platform, used for contract audits, deployer tracking, and staking. The demand for and value of the SafeAI token will increase as the platform grows and expands.


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Token Name

Safe AI



Contract Address


The Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Development of the App
  • Social Launch
  • Contract Audit
  • Whitelist
  • Pre-Launch Marketing
  • Pinksale Pre-Sale
  • Official Launch

Phase 2

  • Post-Launch Marketing
  • 500 Holders
  • Deployment on ETH
  • CoinGecko & CoinMarketcap Application
  • 1500 Holders
  • Release of the AI Audit
  • Staking Platform
  • Community Contest

Phase 3

  •  2000 Holders
  • Release of the iOS/Android Application
  • Bounty Program release
  • 3000 Holders
  • New Features Announcement
  • CEX Listing
  •  Website V2
  • Roadmap V2




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